Norwich City Sightseeing Bus Waterproofing

bus roof refurbishment


The roof of the Norwich City Sightseeing ( ) bus was allowing water into the passenger compartment below and drenching Norwich’s visitors!


The perfect solution to this waterproofing problem was a spray applied Polyurea membrane from Specialty Products Incorporated.  This would provide a seamless elastomeric lining that would prevent water entering the compartment below.

Initially the old loose floor paint was removed where loose using vacuum controlled sanders. The area below the seats was in fact an old vinyl floor making the choice of highly flexible polyurea waterproofing membrane even more suitable.

The corrosion present was controlled using Corroless QDR3 – a quick drying resin containing Corroless rust stabilising pigments. These pigments convert firmly adhered corrosion to inert magnetite thus preventing further corrosion from occuring.

All details which would present difficulties when spray applying Specialty Products Incorporated (SPI) Watershield III were addressed using a polyurethane sealant.

Finally once satisfied with the preparation and priming works SPI Watershield was applied by our trained applicators to a thickness of 2mm. Because this material contains their patented ultra bond molecule it could be applied directly without having to prime the whole floor saving time and disruption. This material can elongate over 900% before breaking allowing the accommodation of movement present without cracking or splitting. This is the same material we would use to resolve leaking flat roofs and leaking gutters. The floor was finished with an overspray finish to offer a degree of slip resistance.