Nissen Hut Protective Paint Coating


The Nissen Hut was exhibiting significant corrosion as a result of the breakdown of the protective galvanising. Furthermore previous less knowledgeable contractors had painted areas of galvanising with an alkyd paint which had resulted in saponification and coating failure.


We proposed the application of a seamless elastomeric waterproofing and anti corrosion coating – Rustoleum Noxyde as recommended by our partners Anglia Coating Solutions.

Initially we recommended the removal of the existing failed protective coatings by method of abrasive blasting. This also ensured a sufficient surface profile was achieved to ensure excellent adhesion of our new protective coating system.

Once blasted any areas of flash rusting that occurred due to the uncontrolled atmosphere were primed using Chemco RL500PF surface and wet tolerant epoxy primer. All nuts and bolts received a heavy stripe coat of Rustoleum Noxyde applied by stiker brush to both guard against corrosion and ensure that these penetrations remain water tight.

The first coat of Rustoleum Noxyde was then applied by method of airless spray. Care was taken to spray both with and perpendicular to the profile of the sheets to ensure a consistent dry film thickness. To ensure that the Nissen Hut remained wateright the horizontal seams were sealed using a polyurethane sealant prior to the application of the second coat of Rustoleum Noxyde.

Because Rustoleum Noxyde forms a seamless elastomeric membrane the coating was overlapped onto the connecting flat roofs to ensure a leak free finish.

The client was extremely pleased with the protective coating application and thanked our team for their hard work. Well done guys.

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