The production area in the manufacturing plant was being expanded, meaning that a new resin flooring solution was required.


As requested we allowed for the installation of the same 6mm polyurethane screed as employed elsewhere in the factory.

Preparing the surfaces

Initially all surfaces were prepared by method of vacuum controlled scarifying to remove laitance and provide an anchor profile on the new concrete slab.

Anchor rebates were cut across the slab and around the perimeter to prevent the polyurethane screed from ‘toasting’ during cure.

Sikafloor Purcem 20 was installed to a thickness of 6mm by pin rake and trowel, providing a durable, hardwearing and slip resistant finish when cured.

Finally expansion joints in the slab were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw and sealed using Sikaflex Pro 3 Polyurethane jointing compound.

This material can tolerate concentrations of Sulphuric acid up to 96%, making it ideal for this application.

Resin Flooring Lincoln 01