Mixing Pit Tank Lining Norfolk


As part of the anaerobic digestion site expansion a tank lining solution was required for the new mixing pit.


We proposed the application of Remmers Epoxy Universal which has extensive case histories in the Anaerobic digestion industry and we have ourselves applied to over 50 anaerobic digesters.

Firstly all surfaces were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond griding to ensure excellent adhesion of the new tank lining to the concrete substrate.

As identified during our site survey there were extensive blow holes in the concrete that required pre treatment prior to the application of Remmers tank lining. When applying tank linings to concrete tanks this is more often the case than not.

The correct pre treatment for blow holes is to fill as they cannot be filled with tank lining coatings alone. In this instance we opted to apply a cementitious fairing coat using Remmers WP Sulfatex rapid applied to the soffit and walls by method of render pump. This was brush and sponge float finished to provide an excellent mechanical profile for the new epoxy tank lining.

This was allowed to hydrate and then moisture tested to ensure the moisture content was below 6% as required.

Applying the lining

Remmers Epoxy Universal tank lining was then applied in three coats by method of brush and roller at a practical coverage rate of 0.4Kg/m2 in line with Remmers recommendations.

As per best tank lining practice each coat was applied in a contrasting colour to the previous coat.

As per our standard quality assurance climatic conditions were monitored and recorded throughout the tank lining application process in order to ensure compliance with the tank lining manufacturers recommendations.

The cured coating was tested for porosity using a DC holiday spark tester and any pin holes identified made good using the same tank lining material applied by brush.

Remmers Epoxy Universal is a particularly suitable tank lining material for application to concrete tanks such as these given its crack bridging potential which will accommodate any cracking occurring within the designed crack width of the concrete.

Mixing Pit Tank Lining 05