Liquid Roofing, Surrey


As part of the chiller replacement works temporary access was being achieved to the aged felt flat roof and the client decided to undertake proactive maintenance whilst access was available in the application of a new liquid roofing system.


We proposed the application of Remmers innovative MB PUReactive liquid roofing system.

Initially following the removal of the plant and access decks the roof was cleaned by method of pressure washing to remove contaminants in order to ensure good adhesion of the new liquid roofing system.

Any loose felt was cut back to a neat and sound edge. These areas were immediately sealed by the application of Remmers MB PUReactive reinforced with Remmers F-1000 reinforcement fleece to prevent water ingress into the building bellow.

The upstand areas were then treated with the application of Remmers MB PUReactive TX reinforced with Remmers F-250 reinforcement fleece. This thixotropic grade of material is specifically designed for vertical faces where the increased viscosity of the material allows it to be applied to the required thickness without risk of running or slumping

Remmers MB PUReactive was then applied to the entire roof, again incorporating F-1000 reinforcement fleece.

Remmers MB PUReactive offers the following benefits;

  • Approved for use in accordance with EAD 0303-50-00-0402 (formerly ETAG 005)
  • Very low emissions (GEV-EMICODE EC 1Plus)
  • Flexible crack bridging > 3 mm
  • Solvent-free
  • No unpleasant odour
  • Optimised for manual application to the surface
  • Perfect adhesion on virtually all substrates without the need for primer
  • High area output, very high-yielding
  • Fast drying times
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio

As with all liquid applied roofing systems the fully bonded and seamless nature offer significant benefits of membrane or felt roofing systems. This is especially true for a flat roofing project such as this liquid roofing project where there are lots of upstands and supports that must be seamlessly integrated into the roofing system to prevent water ingress.

Following completion of the liquid roofing works the new chillers were installed and the access gantries reinstated.