Leaking Sewage Tank Lining

leaking sewage tank lining

THE PROBLEM – Leaking Sewage Tank Lining

The sludge bed/tank was no longer water tight allowing effluent to leach in to the surrounding environment.

THE SOLUTION – Leaking Sewage Tank Lining

We proposed the installation of a seamless polyurea tank lining to create a tank within a tank.

When lining a tank it essential that the substrates which the tank lining is being bonded to is properly prepared. Initially we cleaned the tank internals by method of a high pressure spinning jet to remove contaminants and laitance.

The pointing in the block works has deteriorated to such a point that a faring coat was required in preparation for the polyurea tank lining. Following preparation the tank was double primed throughout using a moisture tolerant epoxy primer to fully seal the slab prior to the application of the polyurea tank lining.

For this project we selected Linex XS350 as the tank lining material of choice due to its good all round chemical resistance, high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This material was applied to a thickness of 2mm throughout the tank.