Leaking Flat Roof | Application of spray applied polyurea


The existing leaking flat roof was allowing water ingress into the recently refurbished plant room below.


We proposed the application of a seamless spray applied polyurea waterproofing membrane from Speciality Products Incorporated.

Initially the loose aggregates were  contained and removed with the embedded aggregates being removed mechanically. The leaking flat roof was double primed using a rapid curing polyurea primer to full seal the substrate and prevent problematic out gassing.

The polyurea material we selected to resolve this leaking flat roof was Watershield III. This material can elongate over 900% making it particularly suitable for refurbishing leaking bitumen roofs which can migrate significantly within themselves. Because the material is spray applied it forms a seamless membrane without joints, which are always a weak point in any sheet membrane system.

The client was extremely satisfied with the solution and complimented the professionalism of our team.

Polyurea flat roof