Leaking Filter Bed Sealing

Leaking Filter Bed


The filter bed was leaking from between the panel joints in the sectional construction. This was allowing contaminated water to leak into the surrounding area presenting an environmental hazard. The leak had to be solved from the externals due to the filter media contained within the tank.


Due to the sectional nature of the filter we proposed the application of a three stage flexible sealing solution as part of a belt and braces approach.

Initially the gaps between the panels were sealed using Remmers Stopaq – an expanding sealant material with excellent adhesion to most substrates. This material swells when it contacts water forming a fluid tight seal as well as being resistant to sewerage.

A coat of Remmers Elastogrout was then applied to further guard against water egress, selected due to its flexible nature and ability to be applied to damp substrates.

Finally Remmers MB2K was applied in two coats as a yet more flexible layer in case future dynamic movement were to occur. This material can withstand up to 2.5 Bar of negative pressure and remains fully flexible when cured.