Leaking Concrete Tank Lining

Leaking Concrete Tank Lining

THE PROBLEM – Leaking Concrete Tank Lining

The Emergency Water Supply tank was no longer water tight meaning that it was having to be filled more often resulting in water wastage.

THE SOLUTION – Leaking Concrete Tank Lining

Due to the mixed concrete and block work/render construction we felt that a flexible tank lining would be the best solution to accommodate potential cracking and movement that may be present. However the works were to take place during the Autumn which would mean that obtaining the correct climatic conditions for coating application would be difficult or require expensive temporary protection and heating. Therefore we proposed to line the tank using Remmers Multitight flexible waterproofing system which is designed to be applied to damp substrates.

Initially the tanks were thoroughly cleaned by method of higher pressure water jetting to remove contaminants and organic matter, proving a suitable surface to apply the tank lining to. Once clean, the failed existing bitumen waterproofing bandages were removed and areas of defective render isolated and broken out.

The previously broken out areas were reinstated using Remmers Waterproofing Filler. To give the tank lining additional strength where required a reinforcing bandage was applied in an additional coat of Remmers Multitight over cracks, joints and the floor wall intersection.

Finally the tank lining was applied in three coats by trowel as per the manufacturers recommendations. Because Remmers Multitight is a waterproofing system it is able to withstand up to three metres of water pressure, which along with its flexibility made the material particularly suitable for these below ground tanks.