Industrial Flooring Norwich


The existing factory floor was lifting and cracking through poor application and lack of a damp proof membrane.


We proposed the complete removal of the existing resin flooring prior to the application of a new industrial floor from Remmers.

Preparing for the new floor

Initially all existing finishes were removed using powered tile lifters. This was only possible because the adhesion of the existing resin flooring was so poor due to the lack of a damp proof membrane.

This was followed by the preparation of the concrete beneath by method of vacuum controlled track blasting.

Due to the surrounding factory being operational lightweight sheeting and 3,000cfm extraction were put in place to ensure that no dust entered the surrounding production area.

Repairing the slab

Unfortunately when the concrete was being prepared large hollow areas were discovered where the old factory drains had been removed and badly repaired. This presented a significant risk to our client due to the weight and vibration of the equipment being installed.

All defective areas of the factory floor were isolated using vacuum controlled floor saws prior to breaking out using vibration damped breakers.

Once cleared out all broken out areas were reinstated using a high strength epoxy repair mortar. For additional strength rebar was drilled into the existing floor.

Priming the floor

To prevent our industrial floor failing in the same manner as the existing floor we applied a liquid DPM in the form of two coats of Remmers Epoxy MT100. The second coat was fully blinded to ensure optimum adhesion of the new epoxy self-smoother.

Laying the floor

Remmers OS Color was installed to a thickness of 3mm using notched levellers and trowels, followed by thorough de aeration using spiked rollers.

Unfortunately the factory roof leaked in two areas over the new floor, causing water damage. At no extra cost to the client these were isolated and repairs installed to ensure the new industrial floor looked its best.

To ensure that the floor did not crack in the same way as the old floor expansion joints were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw prior to sealing using Remmers Multi Sil NUW.  Find out more about our resin flooring offerings.

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