Industrial Factory Flooring In Suffolk


The old tiled floor had largely broken up and numerous old concrete repairs were also failing


Our client decided that the best course of action for their industrial floor was to completely remove all of the failed tiles and concrete and install a new 100mm thick concrete slab. This would require a suitable protective resin floor that would stand up the rigors of this demanding factory environment.

We proposed the application of a highly durable 9mm thick polyurethane screed from Sika as the most suitable form of industrial flooring for this environment due to the requirements for slip resistance and ability to withstand steam cleaning.

Preparing for the new flooring

All surfaces to be protected were prepared either by method of vacuum controlled surface scarifying where accessible, or for restricted and vertical surfaces vacuum controlled diamond grinding. This ensured that all surface laitance was removed to ensure excellent adhesion of the new industrial floor.

Anchor rebates were cut at perimeters and across the slab as required when installing polyurethane screeds to prevent the material ‘toasting’ during cure.

Installing the new resin floor using Sikafloor Purcem 29

All vertical surfaces were first rendered using Sikafloor Purcem 29 to protect these surfaces.

Sikafloor Purcem 20 was then installed to a thickness of 9mm by pin rake and trowel to all horizontal surfaces.

To ensure a seamless finish coving was installed at all floor and wall intersections – of particular importance in a demanding industrial environment such as this.

Something that we insist on but others often omit is the over coating of the rendered and coved areas using Sikafloor Purcem 31. Many other contractors often omit this key stage of the industrial floor installation to save cost at the clients detriment.

Finally as per best industrial flooring practice all expansion joints in the substrate were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw, prior to sealing using a polyurethane jointing compound.

We proposed the application of a highly durable 9mm thick polyurethane screed from Sika