Hangar Resin Flooring Refurbishment

Hangar Resin Flooring Refurbishment. The hangar floor was suffering from heavy degradation


The hangar floor was suffering from heavy degradation as a result of impact damage and general wear. A hard wearing and slip resistant solution was required to improve the working environment.


As an experienced resin flooring company we understand that the most important process in the application of resin flooring is the preparation of the substrate which the floor is being applied to. Also because of the amount of contamination present on the concrete slab it was difficult to fully assess the scale of the works required until the floor had been cleaned to some extent.

Initially the slab was prepared by method of vacuum controlled track blasting to remove contaminants, surface laitance and provide an excellent mechanical anchor for the subsequent resin flooring specification. Following the removal of the contaminants present the truly terrible state of the slab was revealed.

Areas of damage and breakdown were first isolated using vacuum controlled floor saws prior to breaking out using vibration damped breakers and reinstatement using a high strength epoxy repair mortar with Sikafloor 161 as the binder.

Because of the extent of mechanical damage present to almost the entire floor it was deemed that to provide an aesthetically pleasing resin floor a scratch coat would be required. Sikafloor 161 was mixed 1:1 with fine quartz and applied using trowels.

Once satisfied with the repairs of the floor the intermediate coat of the resin flooring specification was applied. Sikafloor 264 was applied by method of squeegee and roller to the entire floor and the aggregate scatter applied to give a slip resistant finish. Once cured any excess aggregate was removed prior to the application of the seal coat of Sikafloor 264. Walkways were applied in a contrasting colour as requested by the client.

This resin flooring contract was completed on time despite significantly work being required than was anticipated, highlighting our ability to complete resin flooring contracts to tight time scales.