Hangar Floor Refurbishment

hangar floor resin flooring


The workshop hangar floor had been heavily tamped when installed, with large peaks and troughs. This heavy profile made it difficult for the client to maintain the floor, trapping spilt fuels, oils and hazardous aviation fluids.


We proposed the levelling of the floor prior to the application of our trusted supplier Remmers, high quality, high build, water based epoxy resin flooring system with excellent chemical resistance to aviation fluids and skydrol. In order to ensure ease of maintenance, a very light degree of slip resistance was specified utilising Remmers Add 250 – a rounded polymer bead added at 5% of the final coats weight. In order to remove the heaviest surface profile, contaminants and provide an excellent key for the subsequent flooring system the concrete substrate was prepared using a vacuum controlled surface scabbler (Vonarx). The substrate was then double primed with Advanced Polymerics Cemprime to seal all pores in the concrete substrate. A cementitious self-smoothing pump screed (Advanced Polymerics Cemsmooth 103) was then installed to a thickness of 15mm to provide a flat, level surface for the subsequent resin flooring system to be applied to. To promote adhesion of the subsequent coating system, the installed pump screed was abraded using a vacuum controlled surface sander. A coat of Remmers BS2000 high build water based epoxy resin was then applied by squeegee and back rolling at a coverage rate of 0.25kg/m2. A final coat of Remmers BS3000 with 5% by weight Add250 rounded polymer bead was applied at a coverage rate of 0.25kg/m2 by squeegee and back rolling to give an easily maintainable and slip resistant finish that would resist the aggressive aviation fuels, oils and fluids present.