Gas Oil Tank Lining

gas oil tank lining

THE PROBLEM – Gas Oil Tank Lining

As part of the refurbishment of the tank and bund the protective coatings of the tank required removal and replacement as the existing coatings were showing signs of degradation and breakdown.

THE SOLUTION – Gas Oil Tank Lining

As with the bund lining the existing coatings were removed by method of water entrained abrasive blasting to ensure a dustless method of surface preparation. However because of this flash rusting a surface tolerant coating solution was required.

Once the flash rusting that had occurred was removed all welds and seams received a heavy stripe coat of Chemco RL500PF applied by brush. This was followed by a full coat overall. A second coat of Chemco RL500PF was applied with stripe coat prior to the application of Chemco’s UV stable top coat RC500GTC.

The finished article looked fantastic and a big thanks must go to our team for their hard work.