Gas Oil Bund Lining

gas oil bund lining


The existing bund lining was de-bonding and failing through poor preparation and product selection.


The existing bund lining was completely removed from the bund walls by method of water entrained abrasive blasting. This dust free surface preparation method ensured minimal disruption to other site activities.

Once prepared the bund walls were primed using Sika Bonding primer to ensure excellent adhesion to the dense engineering bricks. The bund linings floor was primed using Sikafloor 161 damp tolerant epoxy primer. To isolate the probable point of movement between the tank plinths and the bund floor a fillet detail was installed using Sikaflex Pro 3.

Because we were also refurbishing the tank coatings after the bund lining had been completed the overlap between the two was primed using a surface tolerant epoxy primer from Chemco international.

Finally the bund was lined throughout with a seamless application of Sikafloor 400 applied in two coats. This elastomeric polyurethane remains fully flexible when cured allowing the accommodation of any movement that could occur in the bund without cracking like brittle epoxy coatings.