Flat Roof Refurbishment

flat roof refurbishment


The existing felt roofing system had reached the end of its service life, allowing water ingress into the building below. Due to the construction of the building a solution was required that could accommodate substrate movement.


We proposed the installation of a seamless, liquid spray applied, rapid cure, Polyurea roofing system. Instantly waterproof, yet remaining fully flexible when cured and therefore able to accommodate substrate movement. Furthermore due to being liquid applied details such as roof lights and downpipes could easily be brought in, completely ‘tanking out’ the roof.

High pressure jetting

Following thorough preparation by method of high pressure spinning jet to remove surface contaminants and debris, Advanced Polymerics Cemprime Revolution rapid cure cure and moisture tolerant epoxy primer was spray applied to ensure excellent adhesion of the subsequent Polyurea roofing membrane. Due to the rapid cure of Polyurea (8- 30 seconds) a heavy stripe coat of Advanced Polymerics Cemspray 113 could applied to joins and known weak points in the same day as the overall roof membrane. Applied to a thickness of 2mm across the entire roof a seamless roofing membrane was achieved. A UV resistant seal coat of Advanced Polymerics Polyseal UVR was applied to offer the ultimate level of protection in a contrasting light grey to help regulate the building temperature below.