Slip resistant, epoxy resin flooring for a client


The existing concrete floor had worn and required refurbishment.  The floor had regular heavy traffic on it, as well as oil, fuel and foot traffic. A slip resistant, durable, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing finish was required.


Initially the floor was prepared by method of mechanical diamond grinding to remove contaminants and surface laitance leaving a clean and textured surface, before a thorough vacuum to remove surface dust.

Areas of damaged or defective concrete were repaired using a resin and aggregate mortar, before the resin flooring system could begin.  The prepared floor was then primed using a moisture and oil Tolerant Epoxy.  Once cured the next stage of the resin flooring system was to abrade / de-nib the floor using an STR sander, before another thorough vacuum to remove surface dust.

The areas where heavy trailer feet are impacted onto the floor were identified and isolated as to install a different resin flooring system to cope with the heavy mechanical impact.  A heavy duty Polyurethane screed was trowel applied, as this resin flooring system offers far better impact and abrasion resistance.

The next stage of the resin flooring system was to apply an intermediate coat of Flowcoat SF41Epoxy and blind the uncured resin with a natural quartz aggregate to give a slip resistant finish.  Once cured the un-bonded and loose aggregate was then swept and vacuumed.

A final coat of Flowcoat SF41 Epoxy was then applied to the aggregate rich surface.

The last step of the process was to mask all demarcation lines for walkways and floor pit warnings, before the application of a two coat rapid curing Polyaspartic resin in a bright safety yellow.

This resin flooring project was delivered within a very tight time frame but with no detriment to quality, whilst leaving another satisfied client.