Epoxy Flooring At Commercial Unit In Banbury


As part of the refurbishment works of the commercial unit a new epoxy floor was required. This had to be both cost effective and quickly installed due to programme constraints.


We proposed the application of a very high build, but two coat epoxy flooring system that we had previously used to good success.

Vacuum controlled shot blasting

To ensure good adhesion of the new epoxy flooring the concrete was prepared by method of vacuum controlled shot blasting. This both cleans, profiles and opens the concrete surface allowing the epoxy resins to penetrate and gain excellent adhesion. As with all coating application correct preparation is essential to ensure optimum performance.

Due to the fast turnaround required we employed the use of two ride on sweeper units to accelerate cleaning works following preparation. These proved highly effective, saving valuable time.

To ensure the correct climatic conditions and slab temperatures required to apply the resin flooring epoxies temporary indirect oil fired heating was installed. Indirect heating has to be employed as conventional space heaters introduce moisture into the atmosphere, which can lead to detrimental condensation.

Once prepared, clean and satisfied with the climatic conditions a coat of damp tolerant epoxy coating was applied to the entire slab by method of squeegee and roller. This was applied to a thickness of 300 microns.

Minor defects and imperfections in the slab were filled using a twin component polyester filler. These repairs were then sanded flat using orbital sanders to ensure an aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor.

Applying the Flowcrete SF41

Finally Flowcrete SF41 was applied at a thickness of 0.5mm by method of squeegee and roller. The option of reflecting and re-cutting the expansion joints in the new epoxy floor was offered, however the client decided not to undertake this option.

The entire resin flooring installation was undertaken in 5 days from start to finish, fitting into the clients tight works programme.

Epoxy Flooring 10
Epoxy Flooring 09