Domestic Cold Water Storage Tank Linings


The domestic cold water storage tanks were in an unhygienic condition, such that they could harbour aquatic micro organisms such as Legionella.


Due to the difficult access the client could not replace the tanks with modern plastic units. Therefore a hygienic and anti corrosion tank lining solution was required.

Following drain down the tank internals were prepared by mechanical methods to remove corrosion and scale, preparing the tank internals to ST3 as per ISO850-1. Once prepared the tanks were vacuumed clean and a surface cleanliness test conducted and recorded.

All angles and edges received a heavy stripe coat of Corroless ACO as per good tank lining practice, to ensure full film build where coatings pull thin through gravity and surface tension.

Corroless ACO fast curing polyurethane tank lining was then applied in two coats of contrasting colour, again as per good tank lining practice. Each coat was applied to a thickness of 500 microns.

Dry film thickness readings were taken following each coat to ensure the necessary tank lining thickness was achieved. This was followed by the testing of the new tank linings for porosity using a DC holiday spark tester. Where pin holes were found they were marked prior to touching in the by brush.

We gave this application our standard 10 year warranty. The home owner can now be confident that their water is safe to use and not endangering their families health.

Domestic Cold Water Storage Tank Linings 05