Dog Kennel Resin Flooring, Norfolk


Our client had been frequently repainting the kennel flooring due to flaking paint. They required a resin flooring solution that would be durable, easy to clean and be able to withstand mechanical damage from dog claws.

Dog Kennel Resin Flooring Norfolk 01


We proposed the application of a 6mm polyurethane screed, which is amongst the most durable forms of resin flooring available. Polyurethane screeds are classified by the resin flooring association FERFA as Type 8, which is the highest and most durable category.

Initially the existing floor paint and surface laitance from the concrete was removed by method of vacuum controlled scabbling / scarifying. As can be seen in the below video there was quite a significant layer of concrete laitance beneath the existing floor paint.

When applying resin flooring it is important that this weak, poorly bonded concrete surface is removed as if not this is what the new resin flooring will be adhere to – akin to building your house on sand.

Dog Kennel Resin Flooring Norfolk 03

Following preparation all arisings were contained in rubble sacks and all surfaces vacuumed clean for maximum adhesion of the new resin flooring.

Dog Kennel Resin Flooring Norfolk 04

During preparation we identified cracking in the concrete substrate which was expressed using a vacuum controlled floor saw prior to gravity feeding low viscosity epoxy resin into these cracks in order to consolidate them and try to mitigate future cracking.

Dog Kennel Resin Flooring Norfolk 05

Once cured any excess resin was removed using vacuum controlled diamond grinders.

As part of our standard resin flooring quality assurance the moisture content of the slab and the climatic conditions were tested and recorded to ensure compliance with the resin flooring manufacturers recommendations.

Anchor rebates were cut across and around the slab as per best polyurethane screed installation practice.

The polyurethane screed was then installed to a thickness of 6mm by pin rake and trowel. Because polyurethane screeds are aggregate filled and shrink back during cure, this exposes the aggregates in to provide the desired slip resistance.

Because this type of resin flooring is amongst the most durable and this application is relatively light duty, many years of service can be expected from the new resin flooring.