The site crane was exhibiting heavy corrosion and large amounts of flaking paint. The clients insurers had recommended that the structure required repainting in order to extend its service life.


Initially the heaviest corrosion was removed using our ultra high pressure water jetting unit which made light work of the heavy laminate corrosion.

The flaking paint was then removed back to sound coatings using our 5,000 psi water jetting unit. Edges left by this were feathered using abrasive papers.

All exposed steel was first spot primed using Corroless EPF rust stabilising epoxy primer. This material contains a mined pigment that converts corrosion present to stable iron oxides such as magnetite – thus preventing further corrosion. This property made the material particularly suitable for a water jetted surface where flash rusting would occur.

Following patch priming a full coat of surface tolerant epoxy was applied to the crane by method of brush and roller. With an additional coat applied over patch primed areas.

An intermediate coat of high build epoxy was then applied in the same manner as the first coat but in a slightly different colour as per good coating practice.

Finally a UV stable polyurethane finish was applied to prevent the epoxy coatings from chalking and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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