Clean Room Resin Flooring In Norfolk


Our client had secured a new contract for the manufacture of pharmaceutical related products and the production area required refurbishment in order to improve cleanliness and ambient light levels.


As requested we put together a solution for a new resin floor and suitable industrial coatings.

The existing resin floor was poorly adhered as a result of incorrect priming/damp proof membrane installation. All existing resin flooring was removed using a ride on stripper.

With the concrete slab exposed any defective areas of concrete were isolated prior to breaking out using vibration damped breakers. These were reinstated using a high strength epoxy mortar.

Due to the lack of a damp proof membrane (DPM) we had allowed for the double priming of the floor using Remmers Epoxy MT100 which forms a liquid DPM. Failure to control moisture can lead to osmotic blistering and premature failure of resin flooring.

Following priming Remmers OS Color New was applied as a self-smoother to thickness of 3mm by pin rake and trowel. We have used this resin flooring material in other areas to good success.

Finally all expansion joints were reflected in the finished floor and sealed using a flexible polyurethane jointing compound.

The ceiling and walls were stained and very dark which was reducing ambient light levels. We suggested to our client the application of a white coating to help increase the amount of reflected light.

A trial area was conducted and approved by the client.

All surface we vacuumed clean to remove dust and contamination. Once clean Rustoleum Noxyde was applied by method of airless spray in three coats. A key benefit of this material is that it will not flake and peel like normal paint as it forms an elastomeric membrane.

Finally the fire system was correctly colour coded to complete the works.

The client was very pleased with the completed works which we believe you can understand from the photos.

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