Chemical Store Tank Lining

chemical storage tank lining

THE PROBLEM – Chemical Store Tank Lining

As part of the expansion of a bio-ethanol production facility one of the clients storage tanks required lining in order to protect the mild steel substrate from the aggressive environment to be found within as a result of the elevated temperature and low pH.

THE SOLUTION – Chemical Store Tank Lining

Due to the highly aggressive nature to be found inside the tank a very high level of chemical resistance was required. For this reason a glass flake reinforced vinyl ester tank lining system from our trusted supplier Chemco International was specified, offering excellent resistance to both temperature and low pH in immersed conditions. Following preparation of the tank internals by abrasive blasting to Swedish surface preparation standard SA2.5, Chemco RX500P high temperature tolerant water based epoxy primer was used to hold the blast standard. Elcometer surface profile gauges were used to measure and record the blast profile, the data from which was presented to the client upon completion of the project as a quality control assurance. Once this standard had been achieved throughout the tank, two coats of Chemco RA364 FDA approved glass flake reinforced vinyl ester were applied to achieve an overall dry film thickness of over 1000 microns. Overall 11 tons of vinyl ester were applied to the tank internals. The entire tank lining was checked for quality utilising a DC holiday spark tester to identify pin holes or any defects present in the coating. Where necessary these were rectified by touching in with the same vinyl ester tank lining system. A 10-year warranty was provided on the works to the client. Due to the scale of the project an access hole was cut in the side of the tank in order to enable mobile elevated working platforms to be used, representing a significant saving for the client over a bird cage scaffold.