Chemical Storage Bund Lining

chemical storage bund lining


The gas oil and vinegar secondary containment bund was in an extremely poor condition and required a new bund lining to replace the failed existing bund lining.


Initially the bund was steam cleaned to remove grease and oil present. The defective/eroded areas of concrete were isolated using a vacuum controlled floor saw. These areas were then broken out using vibration damped breakers prior to repair using Remmers Betofix fast cure repair mortar.

The bund was then prepared throughout using a vacuum controlled diamond grinder to remove loose and unsound coatings and laitance. Once prepared the first stage of the bund lining process was undertaken by the application of a damp tolerant epoxy primer throughout.

To isolate the probable point of movement between the bund walls and floor a fillet cove detail was installed around the bunds perimeter as per good bund lining practice.

Finally the highly chemical resistant bund lining material form Chemco International was applied throughout the bund. The glass flake vinyl ester selected offers some of the highest levels of chemical resistance possible.