Chemical Bund Lining


The previous concrete bund had been severely eroded by the acidic cleaning product stored within it that a new bund was required and a suitable lining.


Following the construction of the new bund we proposed the application of Chemco RW500 glass flake reinforced epoxy Novalac epoxy lining as the most suitable protective coating for this bund lining.

Preparing for the bund lining

Initially all surfaces were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to remove surface laitance and contamination.

Once prepared all surfaces to be coated were primed using Chemco RH800 damp tolerant epoxy primer which allowed the application of the new lining on to recently cast concrete.

Following priming a fillet cove was installed at the floor/wall intersection to isolate this potential point of movement from the new lining.

All blow holes in the concrete were filled using a twin component polyester filler to ensure a seamless finish. Failure to fill these blow holes would provide a point of ingress for aggressive chemical agents, that would attack the concrete beneath the bund lining.

Applying the bund lining

Chemco RW500 was applied in two coats of 500 microns to achieve a total dry film thickness of 1000 microns. This will provided a highly chemical resistant and impervious bund lining that will protect the concrete for many years.

As part of our standard quality assurance the new lining was tested for pin holing and porosity using a DC holiday spark tester. Any pin holes in the bund lining were then touched in using the same material.

Chemical Bund Lining 04