Abrasion Resistant Resin Flooring

abrasion resistant resin flooring


The existing concrete floor had worn prematurely as a result of poor mix quality. The grooves that had been worn in the floor in the green house floor would not be acceptable for the new automated transport system.


A hard wearing and slip resistant flooring solution was required. For this reason Sikafloor-20 Purcem polyurethane screed was specified as the resin flooring system of choice.

This was a unique resin flooring project due to the dimensions of the floor – over 300 metres in length. For this reason the selected preparation method was a self propelled vacuum controlled blast unit. This removed the surface laitance whilst also providing an excellent mechanical anchor for the subsequent resin flooring.

Due the resin rich nature of SIkafloor-20 Purcem it can be applied directly to concrete without need for a primer, reducing the cost and duration of the resin flooring installation.

The granite chippings contained within the material are exposed as the material cures to provide a slip resistant finish. These chippings also make the resin floor extremely abrasion resistant and suitable for the most arduous of duties.

Once installed the expansion joints where reflected and sealed using SIkaflex Pro 3 Polyurethane jointing compound to ensure a seamless finish.