The new ethanol bund required an anti-static resin flooring solution. The substrate was in a poor condition with numerous previous repairs. The works also needed to be completed as quickly as possible due to tight program constraints.


Initially we prepared the floor by method of vacuum controlled scarifying and diamond grinding to provide a good mechanical anchor for the new resin flooring to adhere to. Loose areas of concrete were isolated out and broken out using vibration damped breakers.

All upstands were trimmed and rendered using an epoxy detailing mortar and previously removed sections of the slab made good also.

Double priming the floor

Due the lack of a damp proof membrane the floor was double primed using Remmers Epoxy MT100 to form a liquid DPM. The second coat was applied by trowel, mixed with fine quartz as a scratch coat to fill defects in the slab. If a DPM is not present the installation of a liquid DPM is essential to prevent osmotic blistering in the new resin flooring.

To give the new resin flooring additional strength, where previous repairs had been made reinforcing scrims were included with the primer.

An earthing grid was installed using copper tapes, prior to the application of Remmers Conductive primer.

Applying the Remmers Epoxy Resin Coating

Finally Remmers Epoxy WHG AS was applied to a thickness of 2mm. Remmers Epoxy WHG AS is both flexible and offers good chemical resistance, making it particularly suitable for this resin flooring application.

The client was extremely  pleased with the completed resin flooring project and the speed at which we were able to mobilise and deliver the resin flooring works.

Anti Static Resin Flooring Swindon 07