Anchorbrew River Wall Waterproofing

river wall waterproofing


As part of the refurbishment works the river wall required refreshment of the waterproofing as applied by ourselves over 10 years ago.


As Corroless EPF which had been in service over 10 years had performed so well that architect had specified for a further two coats to to be applied.

Initially the wall was jet washed using a 3,000 psi spinning jet to remove all organic growth and any loose or unsound coatings.Because of the saline environment it was also essential to remove the salts present on the wall to prevent osmotic blistering.

A particular challenge with this project was the the short time we had to both prepare the substrate and conduct the painting works because of the tide. Fortunately because Corroless EPF is damp tolerant the wall could be washed, rag dried and coated in the same shift. Once immersed the coating then continues to cure underwater unaffected.

Two coats of Corroless EPF were applied in black to a dry film thickness of 400 microns as per 10 years ago.

Not many waterproofing projects have this kind of view!