Anaerobic Digester Reception Tank Lining

Anaerobic Digester Reception Tank Lining

THE PROBLEM – Anaerobic Digester Reception Tank Lining

The reception tank had an unusually high operating temperature meaning that a different lining system was required, whilst also being cost effective.

THE SOLUTION – Anaerobic Digester Reception Tank Lining

We proposed the application of a high temperature resistant and chemical resistant epoxy novalac tank lining to provide a long term solution.

Initially the tank internals were prepared by high pressure water jetting to remove contaminants and surface laitance in order to ensure good adhesion of the new tank lining. This was followed by the application of a cementitious fairing coat to fill blow holes and porosity in the concretes surface to ensure a seamless tank lining. Blow holes cannot be filled with paint alone – something less experienced contractors fail to understand.

The tank was heated to ensure the correct moisture content in the concrete was achieved prior to the application of a low viscosity epoxy primer which penetrated the surface, ensuring good adhesion of the tank lining and fully sealing the surface.

The epoxy novalac tank lining was then applied in two coats of contrasting colour as per good coating practice by method of airless spray. To ensure the tank lining was seamless  it was tested using a DC holiday spark tester and where pin holes were found these were rectified using the same material.