Abrasion Resistant Lining


The carbon steel pipe had lost in places in excess of 60% of its original thickness due to the highly abrasive nature of the solids contained within the process water that flows through the pipe. This had occurred in less than 6 months.


We proposed the application of an abrasion resistant lining system from Chemco International.

Initially the pipe was washed with potable water to remove potential chloride contamination. This was verified by method of soluble salt test.

The pipes internals were then prepared to SA2.5 by method of abrasive blasting, with a minimum surface profile of 75 micrometers achieved.

All surfaces were vacuumed clean and a surface cleanliness test conducted.

Applying the Chemco RS500p primer

Once satisfied with the preparation and priming works the part of the pipe where the new lining was being applied was primed using Chemco RS500P, applied by brush and roller to a thickness of 100 micrometers.

To provide maximum film build Chemco RH500 ceramic epoxy putty was trowel applied to a thickness of 5mm. This ceramic filled epoxy offers excellent abrasion resistance as well as filling pits and imperfections  in the surface.

Two coats of Chemco RP500 were applied to a thickness of 500 microns. This material is specifically designed for abrasive fluid environments such as this, which we have found to be successful in pump bowl and tank linings.

Finally the lining was spark tested to check for pin holes – of which there was not a single one due to the thickness of the lining applied.

Abrasion Resistant Lining
Abrasion Resistant Lining