Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Coating Removal


The protective coating on the scroll shaft has severely broken down and required removal to allow inspection and repair of the steel.


We proposed the removal of the existing thick film glass flake reinforced vinyl ester by method of ultra high pressure water jetting using our Hammelman Aquajet water jetting units fitted with a rotary nozzle.

Uhp Water Jetting Coating Removal 05

Ultra high pressure water jetting is particularly effective at removing thick film protective coatings as the tearing action and pressure effectively rips the coating away from the substrate, in this case steel.

By contrast abrasive blasting requires the wearing away of coating, which for thicker and abrasion resistant glass flake reinforced linings can be a slow process.

The other benefit of ultra high pressure water jetting for applications such as this when compared to abrasive blasting is that it creates significantly waste, with only the removed coating needing to be disposed of.

The works were completed in one shift, with our team having mobilised the day after receiving the enquiry.