Silo Bases Sealing, Essex


The 10 new grain storage silos were allowing water ingress at the bases. This was a result of the slabs being cast without a fall, points of water ingress and an insufficient original sealing arrangement.

This was causing grain stored within the silos to germinate, jamming augers and preventing proper emptying. This was increasing the requirement for cleaning and confined space entries.


We proposed the application of our proven Corrolastic SG silo base sealing system.

Initially to ensure proper adhesion of the new silo base waterproofing all surfaces were prepared by method of 5,000 psi water jetting to remove contaminants and surface laitance from the concrete.

Once prepared all points liable to movement were detailed using a polyurethane mastic applied using sealant guns.

Silo Base Sealing Essex 06

With externally braced silos such as these a critical waterproofing detail is the area behind the braces – a common and problematic point of water ingress.

The first stage of sealing these areas is injecting the corrugations using a hydro reactive polyurethane foam that forms a pressure seal within the cavity created between the corrugations and the braces.

Any excess foam is then trimmed back, prior to injecting Corrolastic SG to the final corrugation. This approach creates multiple layers of waterproofing to ensure no water ingress.

Silo Base Sealing Essex 07

Areas liable to movement are then coated using Corrolastic SG applied by slurry brush, incorporating a woven reinforcing bandage for additional strength in these areas

Silo Base Sealing Essex 08

Two full coats of Corrolastic SG were then applied by method of slurry brush to form a flexible waterproofing membrane.

Corrolastic SG was an ideal for this silo base sealing project as the works took place in February, where the materials damp tolerance was invaluable.

The only limitation on application is that the surfaces must be free from water and the temperature above 5 degrees – making this an extremely versatile silo base sealing solution.