Polyurea Coatings Spray

Starting a revolution in the protective coatings industry

Fast set Polyureas and polyurethanes have revolutionised the protective coatings industry, especially where flexibility and fast turnaround are required.  With physical properties such as elongation of up to 400%, gel times of under ten seconds and being applicable to an unlimited thickness in a single pass, Polyureas are truly remarkable.

Because of the extremely rapid gel time of these products specialist impingement mix plural spray equipment is required.  At our disposal to apply Polyurea and fast set polyurethane products we have two Wiwa PU460 Polyurea spray units and for smaller areas a Gamma Easy Polyurea Spray.

This specialist equipment requires correct maintenance and trained operators/applicators.  Unlike other contractors who do not fully understand the complexities of this rapid set technology, all of our applicators are fully trained by the Polyurea development association.  At the time of undertaking our training we were only the second contracting company from the UK to have undertaken the week-long training course.

Polyurea Coating Spray Technology

Corroless Eastern have been Polyurea applicators since 2005 and have since successfully installed Polyurea bund linings, Polyurea Tank linings and Polyurea roofing membranes.  Although extremely versatile each usage of Polyurea coating spray technology presents a unique challenge.  Through our experience and training, we appreciate the intricacies of each project and adapt to suit them.  We have completed large and smaller scale projects throughout London and the whole of the UK.



As a waterproofing solution polyurea offers many benefits compared to conventional coating and membrane systems.

Bund Linings

Bund Linings

Polyurea is an ideal material for lining of secondary containment bunds due to its combination of strength, chemical resistance and elasticity.

Polyurea roofing

Roof Coatings

Since its invention by the Texaco chemical company polyurea has been used as a roof coating – with one of the earliest trials being the Texaco factory roof. The high elongation properties make it particularly suitable for seamless flat roofing.

Tank Linings

Tank Linings

Polyurea is an extremely versatile material and one of its many uses is in the relining of process and storage tanks. One area where it is particularly useful is the lining of tanks and vessels which may be subjected to dynamic movement – such as sectional and bolted tanks. This is because the high elongation properties of the material (often in excess of 300%) mean that flexing and movement can be accommodated without cracking and splitting the tank lining.

Benefits of our Polyurea Applications:

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Chemically resistant

  • Fire retardant

  • Quick application