Liquid Roofing in Kings Lynn, Norfolk


The existing liquid applied roofing had reached the end of its service life, with numerous splits and tears. Previous patch repairs had not worked and a long term liquid applied roofing solution was required.


We proposed the application of Remmers new highly versatile liquid applied waterproofing material MB2K. This polymer modified cementitious coating can crack bridge in excess of 2mm and adheres to virtually all substrates.

Cleaning the roof using high pressure washing

Initially the roof was cleaned by method of high pressure washing to remove organic matter, contamination and oxidation to provide a good surface for the new liquid applied roofing to adhere to.

All loose areas the existing coating were cut back to a sound edge and then isolated from the new coating using a bond breaker tape. These areas then received an additional stripe coat of Remmers MB2K.

Applying a mesh to the roof using Hilti shot fixings

Heavy duty reinforcing mesh was then mechanically affixed to the entire roof using Hilti shot fixings to reinforce the entire roof.

Remmers MB2K was then applied to a thickness of 3mm in two coats by method of trowel and back rolling to give a slip resistant finish.

Because Remmers MB2K contains cement it is extremely damp tolerant, making it particularly suitable for use in the UK year round as a liquid roofing material.

Remmers MB2K was then applied to a thickness of 2mm by method of trowel and back rolling to provide a slip resistant finish.