Liquid Flat Roofing, Surrey


The flat roof area was being redesigned to incorporate the placement of additional plant and equipment. The client had requested that a new flat roof waterproofing system was applied prior to this as once the equipment had been installed access would be extremely challenging.


The first stage of this liquid roofing project was to clean the roof. A biocidal wash was applied and removed by method of high pressure washing in order to ensure that all surfaces were clean for optimum adhesion of the new liquid roofing.

Liquid Roofing Surrey 03

Before and during each shift applying liquid roofing materials to the flat roof the climatic conditions were tested and recorded as part of our standard quality assurance

Liquid Roofing Surrey 04

All materials were raised to roof level and the coverage marked out to ensure the correct quantity of materials was applied.

Liquid Roofing Surrey 05

All upstands and the perimeter was detailed using Remmers MB PUReactive TX reinforced with Remmers F Series Fleece as per the manufacturers training and recommendations.

Remmers MB PUReactive+ was then applied in two coats as per the manufacturers recommendations by method of brush and roller. This material contains fibre reinforcement with the material and can crack bridge greater than 3mm. This simplifies application and reduces cost to the client.

The material is also solvent free, reducing the environmental impact of the application.

This entire liquid roofing application was completed in less than one week, taking advantage of a brief break in the relentless wet weather.