Gymnastics Pit Tanking/Waterproofing, Norfolk


The below ground gymnastics pit was suffering from water ingress. This meant that the foam matting had become saturated and was harbouring potentially fatal legionella bacteria. These could then be atomised by people landing on the matt, meaning that the frequently used facility had to be removed from use.


The client arranged for the removal and disposal of the contaminated gymnastics equipment to allow access to the entirety of the pit.

Once this had been removed the full extent of the water ingress was apparent.

Gymnastics Pit Tanking Norfolk 05

All standing water was removed and heaters introduced to dry the area out as far as possible.

Gymnastics Pit Tanking Norfolk 06

Once sufficiently dry all surfaces to be treated were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding in order to remove surface laitance from the surfaces in order to ensure proper adhesion of the new waterproofing system.

Following preparation all surfaces were vacuumed clean, again essential for maximum adhesion of the new waterproofing.

At the interface between the walls and the floor which was the greatest point of water ingress, a cove detail was installed using Remmers WP Sulfatex mixed with kiln dried quartz.

All surfaces were then treated using Remmers Kiesol diluted 1:1 with water to aid penetration into the concrete matrix. Onto the damp Kiesol Remmers WP Sulfatex was applied by trowel and slurry brush.

This was applied in three layers to the specified thickness in order to ensure the water tightness of the pit. Remmers WP Sulfatex is a time proven tanking / waterproofing system that we have trusted for many years.