Grit Blasting and Protective Coating Silo


Our clients silo was in an extremely poor condition, with significant breakdown of the existing protective coatings and corrosion of the structure.


We proposed the removal of all existing coating by method of water entrained grit blasting using our Graco Eco Quip vapor blasting unit and the application of a suitable protective coating.

The benefit of using water entrained grit blasting to prepare the silo was that the amount of encapsulation and sheeting required was negated as the process is almost dust free, presenting a cost saving to our client.

Another benefit of water entrained grit blasting is that soluble salts which may be present are removed at the same time as surface preparation.

Applying the epoxy primer finish

Following grit blasting and cleaning down we proposed the application of Chemco RL500PF surface tolerant epoxy primer finish. When preparing by method of water entrained grit blasting a surface tolerant protective coating such as this is required in order to tolerate the flash rusting that typically occurs.

As per good coating practice a stripe coat was applied to all angles and edges, followed by two further coats to achieve a total dry film thickness in excess of 300 microns.

Chemco RL500PF is highly moisture tolerant, with no humidity or dew point restrictions. This made the material particularly suitable for this Autumn application when ensuring the correct climatic conditions would present additional costs to our client.

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