COSSH Store Resin Flooring and Markings, Suffolk


The clients COSHH store required new resin flooring and demarcations to ensure that hazardous waste was properly organised for appropriate disposal.

Waste Store Resin Flooring Suffolk 01


We proposed the application of a high build resin flooring system and application of demarcations using a fast curing polyaspartic resin.

Initially the existing resin floor was prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to remove contaminants and provide a mechanical key to ensure adhesion of the new resin flooring.

As standard when we are installing resin flooring the climatic conditions were tested and recorded to ensure compliance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Two coats of high build solvent free epoxy resin were then applied by method of squeegee, brush and roller. This was dressed up the walls as per the clients request.

This type of resin flooring is defined by the resin flooring association (FERFA) as Type 3 and is applied typically between 300 and 1000 microns thickness. In a light duty environment this has an anticipated life of 5 -7 years.

Once cured all demarcations were carefully measured and set out to the clients design. The demarcations / line markings were then installed using a fast curing polyaspartic resin. Polyaspartic resins are particularly useful in resin flooring applications such as this as their rapid cure time means that multiple coats can be applied in a single shift, reducing durations on site and costs for our client.