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For 25 years, as coatings and lining specialists, we have thrived on tackling the challenges that others may shy away from. Whether it is a complex plant room that requires an intricate waterproofing solution, a potable water tank that requires lining or an aesthetically pleasing chemical resistant resin floor, we would like to take your call and see how we can assist.

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Resin Flooring
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Polyurea Applicators
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Liquid Roofing
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Hygiene Coatings
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Bund & Sump Linings
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High Pressure Jetting
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Waterproofing – Silo Base Sealing

The existing bitumen waterproofing had failed and was allowing water ingress into the base of the silo, resulting in product loss. In addition the water…

Leaking Filter Bed Sealing

The filter bed was leaking from between the panel joints in the sectional construction. This was allowing contaminated water to leak into…

Anaerobic Digester Reception Tank Lining

The reception tank had an unusually high operating temperature meaning that a different lining system was required, whilst also being cost effective…

South East Water Tank Lining

The new sectional water tank required a regulation 31 approved tank lining suitable for water for the public supply. The externals also required an anti…